Monday, May 30, 2005

Beachin It

Sunday, 5/29/05: 22:00: Banda Aceh
Ruby, Indra, and I went to the beach today. I was supposed to go to the island of Pulo Aceh to do an assessment, but it turns out I have to get a special security clearance to go there. But the beach was nice. It’s a sandy beach about 30 meters deep. No one actually lays out on the beach. Most people rest in the shade of pine trees and go into the water to cool off. The only women you see swimming are western… and if a local women goes into the water, she goes fully clothed… pants, long-sleeved shirt, headscarf and all.

We came back to the house around 5:00 and I made dinner. After last night’s catastrophe, I was quite careful about all the ingredients. I couldn’t use the knives in the house… they were terrible, so I went out to a shop and bought a few half decent knives. I also bought a sharpener. Anyway, I made stirfry. I fried some tofu with beef, eggplant, and mushrooms, garlic, and fresh ginger. I used the Indonesian style sweet soy sauce to make it teriyaki style. I was satisfied with the outcome and Indra and Ruby ate it with gusto. Pa Ibrahim, the landlord, showed up (he does this a lot) and I also gave him a bowl… these people can’t get over that a guy knows how to cook. He was also impressed because he was expecting it to be bland (i.e. not so spicy that it melts tastebuds)… he said, “it is not spicy, but I still like it”… if we could just get the message out to the local restaurants… I might be able to eat the food without a bottle of antacid as a refreshment!


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