Friday, May 13, 2005

Jet Lag

Thursday 12 May, 2005 10PM

Jakarta: I woke up at 4 PM… wide awake. Couldn’t get to sleep. I called Simone. I was amazed by the excellent connection. It felt so good to hear her voice. We’ve been separated less than a week but her voice always makes my spirit sing. We went into the office today. Our offices are co-located with other international NGOs. The offices are definitely a work in progress. We have one room. But it’s all wireless and even though internet is almost as slow as dial-up, it’s still internet.

Wow, what an international office. We have Aussies, Brits, Saudis, Koreans, Portuguese, Norwegians, and a few more than I’ve forgotten. You get a feel for how amazing the humanitarian movement is.

The building is a former Indonesian Army (TNI) training center. Strangely enough, two doors down is Indonesian MTV. They have a huge Sponge Bob Square Pants sign outside of their office. Workers sit on the floor outside of it, chain smoking their clove cigarettes. The smell is so heady… I think I might have to try one for old times sake. Our offices are sparse to say the least. We need a back-up system, external power supplies, and some thumb-sized jump drives. I went to the Ratu plaza… it’s sort of like a mall. I found about twenty various computer stores... all with different products… bought two jump drives, a battery charger, and two 120 GB hard drives. They actually built them as I waited… and this mall, it has thousands of bootleg DVDs/CDs… yes, I gave in… I’m going to be here a long time with out TV. Just me and my computer. DVDs cost 10,000 Rupiah each. (About a buck). Amy and Rachel from my kinship group at Vineyard talk incessantly about Alias. I’ve never seen it. So, I got the first season, as well as Band of Brothers and two Michael Moore flicks. Yes, I can’t stand the guy, but how can I rage against him when I’ve never seen his movies… I plan to break “Bowling for Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 9-11” in ten thousand pieces… as soon as I finish watching. But really, they have EVERYTHING. “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “Racing Stripes,” and “Monster-In-Law” were already out on DVD.

I had traditional Indonesian for dinner… a grilled fish covered in smoothing like Thai peanut sauce with fried onions and hot peppers. It was excellent. I had a beer as well.. I know I won’t have it when I get to Aceh, so drink up now!


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