Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kiblats and Bits and Bits and Bits!

5/21/2005: 12:41 PM: Banda Aceh
My hotel is a trip. This place really is falling apart at the seams. The housekeepers seem to forget that lodgers need basic necessities like towels AND TOILET PAPER. I mean, come on, this is diarrhea town… we need TP. Of course, I have this constant fear that the toilet will fall apart when I sit.

On my ceiling there’s a Kiblat. This points the direction to Mecca for prayers. In Jakarta, the Kiblat was a sticker, attached to the nightstand drawer… you know the one next to the bed where a Gideon bible should be! But I mean, at least the hotel is solid. Most other large structures did not fare so well when the 9.0 hit and they continue to crumble with the resulting aftershocks. How do they say it… the second floor is now the lobby?

And earthquakes are definitely common. I’m just frustrated that I haven’t really felt them… yes, I know, I should count my blessings, but how can I participate in the “yeah man, I was in my underwear in the middle of the street after it hit” conversations if I don’t feel them. We’ve had three. A 6.2 (while I was on the highway so I didn’t feel it) one 5.0 two mornings ago (I barely felt it… I thought someone was just bumping the table, and then this morning are 6:30… I guess that one actually shook the hotel… but I slept right through it… sort of like I slept through the SCUD alerts in Kuwait. Maybe I’ll score later this week… one can only hope!


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