Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday, Monday

Monday 14 June, 2005 23:00 Banda Aceh

Another week behind me. I can’t believe that another Monday has come. I’ve now passed my month mark and it just seems like yesterday when I arrived. It also means that I only have two months left and I really need to get this initiative going. I spent a good part of today haggling over the cost of hoes and sledgehammers. Our implementation is going well. We have had to write and rewrite our proposal but I feel that things are finally ready to get moving. I also spent two hours getting cost estimates for beds and sheets. We want to provide 200 beds for three orphanages in a village here. The kids have no beds and have been sleeping on the hard cement floor.

Had some interesting food today. Sharial took me out for lunch… even though I have an expense account and could have paid, he insisted. It was padang style (they bring all the food to the table and you eat family style)… but I didn’ realize that the restaurant specialized in innards… there was goat heart, chicken lungs, cow intestines… Those of you who know me will be disappointed… I didn’t go for any of the innards. I DO NOT LIKE GUTS! I love a good gooseliver pate stocked full of truffles and garlic, but I’ll pass on the lungs. Luckily there was a bit of normal chicken neck and a piece of spiced beef… that was what I ate.

I came home famished after work. My friend Adam came over for dinner and James, a great guy from the NGO, Project Concern International, come by. ( He wanted to look into the possibility of our two NGOs working together… He wanted to meet tonight and I didn’t want to stick around the office later than seven so he came by the house for dinner. Our housekeeper had grilled two tunas and cooked up some more tuna in a spicy sauce. The grilled tuna (which could have been amazing) was dry and leathery. The cooked tuna was nice but dry as well… I don’t know if she understands the whole “medium rare” thing when it comes to ocean fish. She also cooked up some tofu in a cream sauce. Luckily we had several black-market Bintang (Indonesian Beers) to flush everything down… I’ve heard “hugs make life bearable” but here in Banda, “Bintang makes things bearable!”


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