Thursday, July 14, 2005


Thursday 14 July, 2005-07-14

My right-arm is gone… or at least currently indisposed. Ruby, the sunshine of our office, has gotten typhoid fever and is a very sick girl. If you know Ruby, you know how full of energy she is, how she is always ready to help you and has a smile for every member in our team, no matter how grumpy or annoyed they might be. There are many pics of her on the blog and she is constantly swiping my camera and taking more… she loves to be in front of a camera and often the life of the party (or at least the office). I was speechless when I first saw her in the clinic. Instead of bursting with energy, she lay asleep, almost lifeless with an IV dripping into her hand. It didn’t look like her. Her headscarf was gone, her skin waxy, and her brow damp with sweat. I’m not a father, but feelings that I can only describe as father feelings welled up in me. I had to fight back the tears as I talked with the doctor… this just wasn’t Ruby.

But Ruby needed the sleep. She had been burning her candle at both ends. She had almost been living at the clinic for three previous nights where she had been bed-sitting with a friend of hers who had been hit by a truck. Her friend, who had a broken knee, teeth, and serious lacerations, was a tsunami-orphan and had no family. The clinic is close to the sea… you never know, the long nights and the presence of bacteria might have been the kicker.

But she is doing better. I talked to her last night and her fever is under control. She most likely will be released to go home today… but she won’t be back in the office until the end of July. She has to recuperate…. She asked me quite seriously if I was going to fire her… Fat chance, I replied. She has a contract and she’s not going to get out that easy… after all… I kind of like my right arm and wanna keep it!


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