Friday, July 08, 2005

Pay Day

Saturday 9 July, 2005: Bandar Baru

Well, we have a full week of Cash For Work finished and we are now paying people… it’s quite a new headache. But Dedy is doing a great job. We chose the village of Bandar Baru to do payments first. Unfortunately, Indonesia is infamous for corruption and we (and the villages) have taken many safeguards to ensure that all the money that we deliver goes directly into the hands of the villagers. We have witnesses and recountings galore, ensuing that when we leave a village, the everyone knows exactly how much money the leaders have and we also post everyone’s payments on a large boards so you will know if Abdullah or Heni got more or less than they should have.

After distributing the funds, we took a walk through the town. It’s exciting to see real progress being made. We’ve also been a bit frustrated because some of the equipment that we bought is breaking. Of course, hoes were meant to break up dirt, not concrete homes. Took a picture of some of the women working. They love it when we come to visit and are so happy to be finally working. Definitely a good day.


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