Friday, July 08, 2005

Playing with the Camera

Friday 8 July, 2005 13:07: Banda Aceh

I just posted a few pics of one of our field visits yesterday. People are hard at work and seem to be enjoying having something to do. I've been playing around with my light filter... hence the black and white pictures. It's great walking through the villages and the people are starting to get to know me... I could never sneak in because the children herald our arrival. Cries of "Bule Bule (Boo-lay)" or "The White Man is Coming!" greet me each time. But I love it. I was again present as remains were discovered. The day before they had found a full set of remains in a field. His identity card was still legible and they were able to present his remains to his mother. When we found the remains yesterday, they were in a drainage ditch... right next to a waterlogged stuffed puppy. Judging by the size of the bones, they probably belonged to the small owner of the stuffed animal. You think you're desensitized enough, but then you see something like that in your face... and it really is like a cold shower.


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