Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Circle is Closing

Wednesday 3 August, 2005: Banda Aceh

One Week… That’s all I have left in Indonesia. In some ways I can’t believe it. These three months have flown. Now comes the worse part, the slow, drawn out good-byes. But it’s not for a week and I refuse to dwell on it. And anyway, I’m so busy getting everything ready for my replacement that I have barely time to spit! I just got back from Medan where I attended technical working groups. These are meetings where various NGOs get together and work out development strategies. I presented on our Cash for Work program. It was nice to have a change from Aceh. Medan is the largest city on the island of Sumatra and the hub for many logistics operations. Yes, they had shops and modern restaurants (I had my first Starbucks in three months!), but the city really doesn’t have any character. It is big, noisy, and industrial. It’s also majority Christian. I saw very few women wearing jilbabs (head coverings) and churches were ubiquitous. Did go out for some GREAT Indian. I can’t wait to get back to Ann Arbor and attack a few restaurants with gusto! One more week.


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